Jarvis Road, Waterford

Jarvis Road, Waterford



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Project Management and Coordination

SCG Urban has been engaged by Oxford Heights Pty Ltd to provide the Project Management and Urban Engineering design services to deliver the proposed 35 residential lot subdivision from the early acquisition phase through to construction of the works.

The site is located within the City of Logan and opposite Canterbury College and as a result the traffic and associated intersection to the site created some concerns, however working with LCC and our appointed Traffic consult we were able to resolve the issues while meeting the relevant Council and Austroads guidelines.

The application was lodged as an “impact assessment” to maximise the yield and to address the Waterway corridor issues encountered due to the sites servicing and stormwater requirements.

The project is bounded by Easterly Street and Jarvis Road and grades to Water way which has seen a quite complex grading design for such a small site.  Accommodating the Stormwater requirements on site has also been quite challenging but again we have worked closely with council to deliver a practical solution, looking to deliver the project by the end of 2019.

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